Calakmul & Balamkú

Tour Description:

In the morning you are, according to your situation, picked up from your hotel, the bus station or the airport in Campeche and taken to the hidden archaeological site of Calakmul. Deep in the jungles these beautiful ruins are off the beaten path and at one point were a major center of Maya power. Explore the numerous tombs, courtyards, temples and ballcourts of this magnificent site. Afterwards, continue to Balamkú which is much smaller than Calakmul, but no less fascinating. The origunal red paint used on many of the buildings and murals is still visible and the intricate decorations are very well preserved. After a tour of this site you are depending on the rest of your vacation, brought to your hotel, the bus station or the airport in Campeche.

This Merida & Surroundings Day Trip includes:

  • Shared tour in a small international group with a certified bilingual guide (English/Spanish)
  • Transfers in air conditioned country specific vehicles
  • Box lunch
  • All entrance fees
  • Local taxes