The 12 best countries for expatriates 

Hasn’t everyone thought about just dropping everything and finding happiness abroad at some point before? The reasons can be manifold – pure thirst for adventure, curiosity, for love, a job or simply because you believe that everything is better somewhere else – at least the weather. But how do you decide where to go? A study by the network “InterNations” in which 14.300 people from a total of 195 countries were questioned about this topic can help you with this – and the results are surprising.

They were asked about their financial situation, the length of their work day, child- and family friendliness of their home country of choice or how east it is to make new friends, find a nice place to live or a partner – so about everything that can make a person happy.


Die 12 besten Länder für Auswanderer


Who would have thought that Mexico will be ranked second place? Since it is usually only put in context with violence, poverty and drug wars. Nevertheless, foreigners seem to be doing pretty well in Mexico. Mexicans themselves are most certainly somewhat responsible for this since they are – according to some studies – the friendliest people in the world. In fact, 90 % of the expatriates value exactly this character trait in them, because it makes is easy to make connections fast. That way there is no room for being homesick. Furthermore, the majority of expatriates are happy with their financial situation in Mexico since the cost of living is still relatively low in most states compared to their home countries.

With that being said, Mexico beat countries like Australia, New Zealand and the United States of America. The only country that is supposedly even better to move to is Ecuador and it was a close neck-and-neck-race between the two Latin American countries.

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