The Grand Prize of Mexico is making a comeback! – The 1st of November is the day: After 23 years the Grand Prize of Mexico is making a comeback! The renewed racetrack in Mexico City has already been inaugurated by the Force India driver Sergio “Checo” Pérez in a historic Formula 1 car. From 1962 until […]

Oktoberfest-Feeling in Mexico! – Last Saturday, on the 19th of September, the Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany, was opened with the famous „O’zapft is“! The 182nd Oktoberfest in Munich is in full swing and will take place until Sunday, the 4th of October. Some call it madness, others claim that it is their personal fifth season […]

The 12 best countries for expatriates – Hasn’t everyone thought about just dropping everything and finding happiness abroad at some point before? The reasons can be manifold – pure thirst for adventure, curiosity, for love, a job or simply because you believe that everything is better somewhere else – at least the weather. But how do […]

Superfood of the Maya – Even the ancient Maya, who lived hundreds of years ago, knew about the miraculous powers of Chia seeds. For them, the little seeds were a staple food and remedy in one. In the meantime, many other countries have come to hear about the Superfood from Mexico, because with the amount of antioxidants, calcium, […]