Constanze Hollstein

Constanze, Sales Manager von Buenos Dias Mexico in Xilitla

After I finished school, I took a two week trip to Mexico and I fell in love with this country and the friendly people . On the way back to Germany I vowed to travel back to Mexico. I also decided that travel & tourism was my future career path! After studying three years of an international tourism management degree, the chance to return to Mexico finally happened with an internship at Buenos Dias Mexico. True to the motto „For those who have visited Mexico, the desire to return is always present“ I did not end my stay with the internship, but rather began my adventure. Mexico is so diverse that it makes traveling fun again! It is exciting organizing each vacation according to the wishes of the customers and to plan and organize destinations and fun places to visit. Despite numerous trips we constantly learn about new destinations and hidden gems. It’s even better to see that our customers share our love for Mexico and return home with unforgettable experiences!

Favourite types of travel: A combination of tours in small groups and the flexibility of traveling in a rental car

Favourite destinations in Mexico: Definitely Baja California!. The untouched beaches and unique nature found in the region as well as the opportunity to get up close to the magnificent whales was a dream come true!